Colt has been providing quality firearms for the US Military since Samuel Colt’s first US Patent in 1836. Today they continue to provide high quality firearms to the civilian market through a variety of product offerings like their iconic Colt Python and M4 Carbines, as well as their Colt 1911 line of firearms.

Colt pistols have a long and rich history as reliable and powerful weapons, contributing to the success of settlers in the old West and military actions that date back to 1836. For those who want a reliable, accurate and superior handgun, colt pistols are guaranteed to give you just that. Shop for popular models like the Colt 1911 classic, Colt 1903, Colt defender, Colt commander, Colt combat, Colt competition, Colt custom, Colt gold cup, Colt delta elite, Colt M45A1, Colt Wiley Clapp and more.

The legendary Colt revolvers for sale online are built for the long haul, with simple operation and unrelenting reliability you want in a handgun of this platform. The Colt revolver features all-steel construction, with models in matte black DLC, and rubber wrapped custom Colt grips that provide traction and recoil relief when you pull the trigger. Colt double action revolvers are chambered in 357 Magnum or 38 Special with +P capability and are heavy duty framed guns that mean business but are still enjoyable to shoot and easy to carry. For a classic look and feel of battles past, the Colt single action revolver, also known as “The Peacemaker,” is available in 45 Colt and 357 Magnum for a traditional experience with an old West feel. Check out series such as the Colt ANACONDA Series, Colt COBRA Series, Colt king cobra series, Colt PYTHON series and Colt SINGLE ACTION ARMY Series.

The Colt rifles for sale are law enforcement level firepower for home defense, duty, or tactical shooting. Direct impingement operated Colt M4 rifles deliver legendary performance backed by the best features in the industry including a 16.1-inch 4150 chrome-moly steel barrel with a flash hider, a Centurion Arms forend with a Picatinny rail and M-LOK mounting slots at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, an M4 four-position buttstock, an A2 pistol grip, and a front A2 post mated with an M-BUS rear sight. To lessen reloading time, and add more shooting to your docket, this AR comes equipped with a 30-round Magpul P-MAG magazine. If you are looking for an innovative weapon, get yourself a Colt AR15 rifle and arm yourself with a 5.56 NATO that means business. Other amazing series include the COLT AR 15, COLT M16 and COLT M4 CARBINE

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